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General Information

Target Group: The Data Science Certificate Program addresses professionals and executives who want to continue their education in the field of data science, want to learn how to extract information from data, rethink and enhance data analysis procedures in order to prevent wrong decisions and who get to know the most important software products that are used in the field of big data analytics.

Language of instruction: English (unless all participants understand German well enough, however, the course material itself will always be in English)

Application deadline for the winter term 2020/21: 23rd of August 2020

Important: For many practical tutorials in the Data Science Certificate Program basic knowledge of the statistical programming language R is required. If you don't have any basic knowledge in R or want to refresh your knowledge in R, we highly recommend you either self-study or book a separate R basic course from 23.04.2020 – 24.04.2020 at Essential Data Science Training GmbH (LMU Spin-off), which will be available before the beginning of every program. For more information, visit the R basic course registration page.


Duration of the Program: 10 days in total (9 lectures and one exam), always Fridays, 9 am - 5 pm (winter term between October and February, summer term between April and July), with 4 x 90 minute time-slots for lectures and practical use cases. Two coffee breaks and a lunch break are included.

Workload: about 200 hours (including preparation time, follow-up work and for the exam).

DayTopicWinter Term 2020/2021*Summer Term 2021*
Application Deadline 23.08.2020 28.02.2021
0 R crash course (separate booking required) tba tba
1 First steps in Data Analysis 23.10.2020 30.04.2021
2 Statistical Foundations 30.10.2020 07.05.2021
3 Causality and Causation & Visualization 13.11.2020 21.05.2021
4 Data Management 20.11.2020 11.06.2021
5 Predictive Modelling 1 27.11.2020 18.06.2021
6 Predictive Modelling 2 & Deep Learning 04.12.2020 25.06.2021
7 Unsupervised Methods 11.12.2020 02.07.2021
8 Tools and Concepts for Large Data Sets 15.01.2021 09.07.2021
9 Data Privacy, Security & Visualization 22.01.2021 16.07.2021
10 Day of the Exam 29.01.2021 23.07.2021
* Dates are subject to change.

Participation Fee

RegularReduced (20%)
Course Fee 5.900 € 4.720 €
Examination Fee 600 € 480 €
Total Fee 6.500 € 5.200 €
  • The fee includes snacks, drinks, coffee, course material and a graded certificate.
  • The 20% discount is intended for applicants from social, scientific and cultural facilities.
  • If a company is a sponsoring member of the German Society for Data Science (GDS) e.V. and registers more than four applicants who are admitted to the course by the Steering Committee, a discount of 20% will be granted per participant.
  • Please send a discount proof with your application (
  • Participation in the exam is only possible if you have already participated at our certification program. A failed exam can be repeated on the next possible regular date and a separate examination fee will be charged for each retest.
  • See the Course Regulations (140 KByte) and our FAQ for further information.


There will be a written and an oral exam on the 10th day of each course (Winter Term 29th January 2021).


Leibniz Rechenzentrum (LRZ)
Boltzmannstr. 1
D-85748 Garching

Further information regarding the direction can be found here

Downloads (only in german) 

Course Regulations (140 KByte) 
Terms and Conditions (104 KByte)
Flyer (97 KByte)