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The Steering Committee decides if applicants meet the requirements for the Professional Certificate Program. The basic requirements are: 
  • University degree and work experience:
    • Either a university degree with focus in mathematics, statistics, computer science or related disciplines and at least one year of work experience or
    • any kind of university degree qualifying and at least three years of work experience in an area relevant to the certified data science training program.
  • For many practical sessions in the Data Science Certificate Program, you will need basic knowledge of the statistical programming language R (in some practical sessions, we may supplement the R code with additional Python code; however, our primary emphasis remains on utilizing R in all practical code examples). Therefore, if you lack basic proficiency in R or seek to refresh your skills, we strongly advise either undertaking self-study to learn R or enrolling in a dedicated R course (e.g., Essential Data Science Training GmbH, a LMU Spin-off, offers a specialized R course before the beginning of every program). 
  • See the Course Regulations (140 KByte) for more information.